Chamba Thaal 001 

₹ 1500   

The Chamba that is a traditional plate and is a significant part of the Chamba metal craft. Brass Plates are embossed with images of Gods and Goddesses.

The proess is painstaking since the plates are handmade.First, a design is superimposed on a plain brass plate, and then it is manually embossed using tiny tools, one mm at a time. Two types of Thaal are prevalent in the metal craft traditions of Chamba. -

Ganesh Thaal: As it is obvious with its name that Lord Ganesha occupies the central position in this plate. A four-handed image of Shri Ganesh is shown decorated with conch, bangles, crown, garland, etc.

Vishnu Thaal: This relatively bigger-sized plate consists of Lord Vishnu seated on the lotus as the central image and surrounded by other incarnations-Matsya, Kurma/ Kachchhap, Varah, Narsingh, Vamana, Parshuram, Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, and the Kalki. Besides these, artists have also started preparing varieties of Thaal in different shapes
like rectangular, square, hexagonal, etc. 

Size : Diameter- 11 Inches

Weight : 450 gram

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Chamba Thaal 001 


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