Chamba Chappal (Kids) 

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The stories associated with Chamba chappals state that long ago, they were mostly made of grass; leather footwear was not in vogue then. Things changed when a princess from Kangra (some say it was Kashmir) was married into the royal family of Chamba. She was not happy with the grass slippers made by the local craftsmen and so a cobbler family was sent to Chamba from her native land to make shoes for her and this is how leather chappals began to be made in Chamba. 
Chamba Chappal is made for men, women and children. As  far as men's chappal is concerned there are two or three designs and colors in the market but black, brown, and natural tan are usually preferred.


Size : (6 - 12)

Weight - 50 gram

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Chamba Chappal (Kids) 


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