Chamba Rumaal  

₹ 4000   

The word ‘ Chamba rumal ‘ implies a peculiar visual art form. It represents a unique form of embroidery done on a hand spun cloth with untwisted silken thread and is inspired greatly from Miniature Pahari painting. The tradition of this kind of pictorial embroidery was known and practiced in some areas of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu which remained once important centres of Pahari painting.

The word ‘rumal’ means a ‘kerchief’, in this case, a large embroidered square piece of cloth. The drawings are created by the artists of the Pahari School of Miniature Paintings. Rumals had been used as wrappings for auspicious presents and as ceremonial coverings. Even today, in the course of weddings in Chamba, these rumals are exchanged among households of the bride and groom  as a token of goodwill

Size :

Length - 16 cm

Breadth - 16 cm

Weight - 26 gram

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Chamba Rumaal  


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