Getting Started

  1. How do I register as seller in Just follow three steps. Create your login credentials, update your profile, with GST number, Bank account details. Once submitted, Admin team will verify the details and approve the same. Get started as Seller. Happy Selling. (Refer our seller guide for self registration )
  2. What is the benefit for me by registering as seller in Chambaproducts,com is an initiative to promote products made/manufactured by Self Help Groups of Chamba district and promote the sales of the same across India. This approach offers you, as Seller, a wider customer base, supporting to grow your business and fulfil your dreams
  3. Is there any registration fee to get registered in the website? There is no registration fees to get yourself registered. You are most welcome to join hands with us and grow
  4. Will there be any charges levied on hosting/maintenance of my product in the portal? No such charges will be levied. You are free to host your products .You need to ensure the quality of products hosted by you
  5. What are the mandatory documents need to be shared for registration? We will be requiring your Company registration details, Business PAN, GST details, Bank Account details. The registration tab in the website will guide you on the requirements
  6. If I do not have GST number, how do we proceed? Please notify us on the same and can drop a note to us at We will use our GST number to collect taxes and pay on your behalf
  7. Will I be able to add more than one Bank account? You can add two bank accounts at the maximum and the payment will be made to the first account, unless otherwise a specific requirement is made
  8. Will I be able to change the details provided during the registration later? You will be allowed to change the contact details, Bank account details only. The changes has to be notified to us 15 days in advance, to avoid impact in delivery
  9. Will I be able to upload products as soon as I register? No. After self-registration and agreement is signed by us, our team will validate and approve your request in 1-2 business days. You will receive a mail with seller id, post approval. Once approved, you can upload the products, as agreed