Pricing and Payments

  1. Will the product be sold at the price updated by me as supplier? Rate card of the products will be the same as the one shared by you. In addition appropriate taxes and shipment charges will be charged from buyers.
  2. Can I provide offers/discounts on the products Yes. You can update offers/discount to promote your product sales editing the product details available in your seller login, at any point of time
  3. Will I get support on product promotion and increase my sales Please write to chambaheritageme@gmail,com and our marketing analysis team will help you with customized solutions for product promotions
  4. Will there be any deductions in payment made to me on order fulfilment? Yes. We will be deducting payment charges made by bank and payment gateway, from the total seller price. This might be `approximately 3% of the product cost
  5. Does take any commission from the sales? No. As this portal is designed for promotion of Self Help groups and their products, we do not take any commission from the sales
  6. When will I get the payment for the product? Payment will be made 2-3 days from the day of order/package being picked up by the courier partner
  7. Will I get any advance payment? No advance payment will be made before order is picked up
  8. How will the payment be made to me? Payment will be made to your bank account mentioned in your profile, during registration process