Order Management and Shipping

  1. How will I get to know when order is placed You will be notified by mail to your registered mail id, regarding the order. You can also login to the Supplier Portal, with your credentials and check the orders in Order details
  2. Any specific steps to update order status? Please refer to supplier manual attached
  3. Do I need to include any additional information to the package? Please print the invoice, label for the order (sent through mail or can be downloaded for each order in order detail page) which needs to be included in the package Please print the manifest document and have it handy to get it signed by pickup person for your reference
  4. What are the conditions of return of products The products need to be taken back, if there are damages, variation in colour, size and incorrect product being delivered. The same will be notified to you with comments from customer well in advance. The return costs will be borne by the supplier
  5. How will the return charges be handled? On return of the product, if the payment for the product is already made to you, the refund or return charges will be deducted/ adjusted in the subsequent payments
  6. What if there is a cancellation of product? The buyer cannot cancel the order, after the order is picked up by the courier person. Orders on perishable products cannot be cancelled.
  7. What is the mode of grievance redressal? We empathize with you and has strong belief in growing together. You can reach out to us on chambaheritageme@gmail.com